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MCIC should nourish its independence, which has been its trade mark thus far, by working with various concerned parties and groups of interest on equal bases and no privileges, presenting clear and often confronting opinion on main social issues.

MCIC can and must not function in isolation, i.e. focus only on its values, improvements and accomplishments. On the contrary, developing powerful and effective partnerships and alliances, based on equality, is a must. Special attention should be paid to insuring domestic ownership, accompanied by a long-term cooperation and building of the partners’ capacity, their financial and monitoring systems. It also refers to respecting the autonomy of each and every partner, promoting the equality between them by dialogue and systematic consulting processes.

MCIC is aware that the realization of its vision and mission calls for building powerful coalitions and partnerships, first of all in Macedonia and the Balkans, but also with the European Union, transition countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

MCIC must work on further development of its relations with the public by offering more efficient services and improving the contacts with both the media and general public via direct communication with citizens and indirectly, via their organizations. It should lead to increased presence and hence to MCIC’s public recognition.
All of these should be in favor of the MCIC’s credibility, which by its courage, own views and actions, will contribute to MCIC’s further establishing and obtaining larger public support (inter alia by continuous development of new financial resources, including domestic and individual ones).



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