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Social cohesion and poverty reduction PDF Print E-mail

This goal will be realized by employment, entrepreneurship, education and access to public services, based on the principles of equal opportunities and right based approach, and inclusion of the marginalized groups.

MCIC will urge for the marginalized groups (women, Roma, persons with special needs) to have better access to education, as well as for upgrading the quality of the educational system. Special attention will be paid to the concept of life-long learning and intensive application of various forms of informal learning. MCIC will work on strengthening the relevant civil society by organizing associations and chambers of pupils, students and teachers.
The employment will be based on the support of small enterprises, development of entrepreneurship and access to capital. The Associations and Chambers of entrepreneurs will be also a subject of further development.

MCIC will base its work on the support of equal opportunities and non-discrimination in public policies, as well as in public and private services, such as education or employment.


Other objectives:

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